Hibernation on newer MacBook Pros

Apparently, since Apple started shipping MacBook Pros (MBPs), the original way of sleeping used on the Powerbook wasn’t ported over to the MBP. On Powerbooks, if you would let it go to sleep, it would just keep RAM powered on, sleep almost instantly, and wake rapidly. An MBP also keeps RAM powered on by default, but also writes its memory contents to a sleep image. The machine still wakes rapidly, but sleeping takes a lot more time. In my case, it needs to write 4 gigabytes of RAM to that sleep image (which resides in /var/vm/ by the way). I don’t like putting my MBP in my bag while I don’t have the audible confirmation of the fans that it’s turned off, so I decided to write a bash script with some information about different sleep modes in the back of my head.

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Android Development

Slides from my session at Droidcon

Here are the slides that I’ve used during my yellow room session at the Dutch edition of Droidcon. The talked about how to integrate Google Analytics in your Android app. The response from the audience was positive, so I’m very pleased with that!

I released example code as well to go along with the slides.

[slideshare id=10303616&doc=presentation-111124031933-phpapp02]

Android Development

Speaking at droidconNL 2011

droidcon logoI am invited by the organizers of droidconNL¬†to speak at their conference, which is to be held on November 22/23 in Amsterdam. During that conference, I will be talking about integrating Google Analytics in Android apps. I will also cover some of the caveats that you might encounter and how to overcome those by showing example code. So, if you’re interested, please come to my talk on November 23rd (the second day of the conference) at 12:30 PM in Room B. We’ll grab a drink afterwards. ūüėČ

Be sure to check out the rest of the programme as well. It includes speakers from Google and Research In Motion, as well as other interesting speakers. Tickets are still available. 


Must-have Chrome extensions for Google+ users

If you’re among the lucky few that have access to Google+, you might want to add a few Chrome extensions that will improve the ‘Google+ experience’. These are two extensions that I find very useful.

  1. Surplus¬†‚ÄĒ This extension let’s you add the red box for notifications to your Chrome extension bar. This way, you don’t have to be on any site of Google to see that you have new notifications. You can click on the red box and respond to those notifications, just like you would with the regular red box.
  2. +1 Plus One Extension¬†‚ÄĒ With this extension, you can +1 any¬†website, even if it doesn’t contain one of those nifty +1 buttons itself.
+1 Plus One Extension
Android Development

Symposium Open Data Eindhoven

(Deze blogpost is integraal overgenomen van een artikel dat ik geschreven heb voor Eindhoven Dichtbij.)

Open Data is een opkomend begrip. Internationaal wordt er steeds meer aandacht aan gegeven, en ook in ons eigen land komen er steeds meer initiatieven om data publiekelijk toegankelijk te maken. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de NS die reisinformatie openbaar maakt zodat derden daar toepassingen omheen kunnen bouwen, of de Politie Brabant Zuid-Oost die locaties van woninginbraken inzichtelijk maakt. Zowel overheden als het bedrijfsleven zitten op een schat aan informatie waar niet alleen creative maar ook nuttige toepassingen voor kunnen worden verzonnen.

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