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Hibernation on newer MacBook Pros

Apparently, since Apple started shipping MacBook Pros (MBPs), the original way of sleeping used on the Powerbook wasn’t ported over to the MBP. On Powerbooks, if you would let it go to sleep, it would just keep RAM powered on, sleep almost instantly, and wake rapidly. An MBP also keeps RAM powered on by default, but also writes its memory contents to a sleep image. The machine still wakes rapidly, but sleeping takes a lot more time. In my case, it needs to write 4 gigabytes of RAM to that sleep image (which resides in /var/vm/ by the way). I don’t like putting my MBP in my bag while I don’t have the audible confirmation of the fans that it’s turned off, so I decided to write a bash script with some information about different sleep modes in the back of my head.

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