On April 30 2010, Twitter for Android was released. Hardly anyone could wait to try it out, but quite rapidly several shortcomings emerged. The biggest problem was (and still is) that the official app only supports ‘native’ retweets. While this has been a nice addition to Twitter, quite few really miss the possibility to add your own comment as people did with the old-style retweets. Therefore, I quickly coded an add-on for Twitter for Android to enable these old-style retweets, and I uploaded it to the Android Market about 30 minutes after I first tried the official app.

How can I get it?

Just search for ‘retweet’ on the Android Market, or scan/click the QR code to the right.

Some testimonials

In all its simplicity, ReTweet gets great responses in the Android Market.

This is the missing link in Twitter for Android.

- Justin (May 21, 2010)

Works exactly as advertised!! Now i can really enjoy Twitter for Android.

- shylard (June 14, 2010)

Makes the Twitter official app perfect – cleverly plugs in the “RT with comment” functionality.

- Binay (June 19, 2010)

6 thoughts on “ReTweet

  1. I downloaded this app, but it doesn’t work on my Droid phone. I followed the directions, but when I hit share then the RT icon, it opens the comment box, but the update button is shaded and I can’t post with it. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    Mimitrox (Twitter ID)
    Tina Black

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