Image Loader

A lot of people like to share their pictures on Twitter with their friends. Watching these pictures is no problem at all if you’re sitting behind your desktop computer, but the sites that host these pictures don’t always have a mobile version of their pages. If you want to look at a posted picture, you might end up loading a site meant for desktop computers on your mobile device.

That’s where Image Loader comes in handy. If you install this app, Image Loader will catch clicks on URLs that lead to well known image hosts. These image hosts include:

  • Twitpic;
  • Yfrog;
  • Twitgoo;
  • Mobypicture;
  • Flickr;
  • and others.
Clicking on a link will present the following dialog.
You can set Image Loader as default for the image host of the URL that you clicked on, but I personally prefer to have no default. A loaded image will look as follows.
In this screen, you can either choose to open the full image (if available) or to open the original web page in your browser. If you want to try Image Loader, just scan the following QR code or click/tap it from your computer or Android device.

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